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Packing List
Don’t know what to pack? Click here for an essential packing list. With explanations next to each item, you’ll be able to decide whether or not you think you’ll need it.Backpacker Packing List


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Packing List

Sydney appartments

This is quite a comprehensive packing list aimed aiming to cover travel to any country. Using the description on the right of each item, you should be able to decide yourself how useful each item would be to you. We haven't included things like tickets or passports in the packing list as we'd like to think you'd remember to pack those anyway! If you later feel like we left out something you found useful on your trip.. please let us know!

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Reason for Taking:

Mosquito / Bug Spray: There are lots of countries which suffer from mosquitos, so mosquito repellent is something you would be silly to leave without.
Antihistamines: In case you forget the bug spray and get bitten all over. Also good if you get stung by a jellyfish.
Pain Killers: For those pesky hangovers
Plug Adapter: So you can charge your MP3 player / Camera / phone / use hair dryer / hair straighteners
Plasters: So cuts can be covered.
Antiseptic cream: like germolene – to put on cuts so they don’t get infected.
Nail Scissors: You’ll need to cut your nails.
Deodorant: You’ll need it in these temperatures.
Travel washing line: More useful and versatile than you’ll ever imagine
Mosquito net: Optional – in some areas mosquitos mainly come out at night, so it would be a good idea to take a mosquito net with you, but do your research first.
Sunglasses: It can get very bright and need to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays
Camera: Capture all your memories. Digital is better – and easier for storing pictures.
Torch: Useful if camping / campervanning. Also in hostels when you want to read after lights out.
Mp3 Player: To keep you from talking to yourself. There will be some long journeys.
Mobile Phone: Either brought from home or bought in your destination country. Good for emergencies and booking accommodation and tours, as well as allowing your family to contact you.
Reading Books: You’ll have all the time in the world to read so make the most of it. Reading books that have some relevance to the country you are in is always a good idea.
Guide Books: Always useful to know where you’re going and what there is to do.
Padlocks: Lock your bags always. Theft isn’t uncommon or unheard of. Don’t put too much faith in people you don’t know.
Wire Lock: If you want to be completely sure of security
Notebook: Invaluable for taking people’s email address and many other reasons.
Pen: To write people’s emails and filling out the annoying arrival cards on the plane.
A plastic Container This is useful to keep all your medical stuff together and easy to find in your backpack.
Photos: Of family and friends. A necessity.
Playing Cards: Many hours of bonding can be spent over a card game.
Ear Plugs: Believe me, you’ll need them to keep you sane when spending a lot of time in hostels
Sun Cream: This is a must. The last thing you'll want to deal with is sunburn. It also prevents premature skin aging!
Face Wipes: Mainly for the girlies, when the toilets are too nasty to wash in.
Sarong: This is perhaps the most essential item It takes up hardly any room and can be used for all number of things – a great ‘towel’ for sunbathing on, bed cover in the heat, skirt, you name it. Best usage – using it as a curtain when sleeping in bunks in hostels. Instant privacy!
Rain Mac: Recommended over an umbrella because it can easily be taken on treks and you wont get laughed at as you would if you put an umbrella up in the middle of a jungle.
Umbrella: Can be lived without, but not a bad idea for urban expeditions. You can buy some really small ones nowadays.
A Towel: Although the small trek towels are great for not taking up any room in your backpack, some find they do not dry you sufficiently and you are left with a damp feeling. Maybe a normal bath towel will do the job instead (not too big), as long as you don’t over do it with clothes, you should be able to pack it no problem. You don’t want to sacrifice too much comfort especially when in colder climates.
Sleeping Bag Liner: Good if you will be spending a lot of time in the hotter climates. Or you could save some money and use your sarong. (liner gives you more privacy). Single duvet cover is just as good.
Sleeping Bag: Take one. Not too thick and not too thin. Not all hostels supply bedding. However, beware the bed bugs and if bed sheets are offered to you, use them to prevent transfer of bed bugs.
Sewing Kit: Comes in more useful than you might think.
Diary: To keep record of everything you do. You’ll be glad you did so when you’re old and retired and reminiscing.
Wash Bag: For toiletries
Sealable bag: For bottles of shampoo etc. Anything that could explode in your backpack!
Plastic Wallet: To keep all travel documents in.
Smaller Bag: So don’t have to carry around backpack.


Reason for Taking:

Flip Flops: A must in hot weather and beach visits
Trainers: Great general usage, walking trails, sports etc. A good pair with good grip can do for most things.
Walking shoes: Either these or trainers. Trainers are lighter and easier to carry and more versatile but if you’re a hardened walker you might prefer walking shoes.
Smart shoes: If you’re working in offices these are necessary but can be bought on arrival (cheaply) and discarded after perhaps. Some pubs also insist on smart shoes
Underwear: Enough for 7 days wear
Jeans: Very versatile.
Combat trousers: Good for walking and tours.
Lightweight trousers: To keep the mossies off without getting too hot. Linen material.
Jumper: Definitely take one or two.
Work clothing: Black trousers (one or 2 pairs), shirts / smart tops.

Use your own discretion regarding quantities of other general clothing i.e t-shirts and other tops and smart going-out tops.