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Don’t know what to pack? Click here for an essential packing list. With explanations next to each item, you’ll be able to decide whether or not you think you’ll need it.Backpacker Packing List


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Backpacker's Ticket to the World

Welcome to Backpacker's Ticket to the World. The main point of this site is to provide you - the backpacker, with advice and guidance on matters which backpackers have to deal with. Because the information we provide is so detailed it will take a while to completely cover each backpacker country, so please be patient with us while we endeavour to do this. However while you wait we would really appreciate any information that you might have on the countries listed below. So if you fancy just giving us a suggestion or even writing a complete section for us... we welcome all information! You will even get a name credit on the page you create! So any budding travel writers out there just click below as indicated to see what information we still need!

Write for us / provide us with information

If you feel you could help us out by gathering any missing information on the countries listed above, please contact us either to receive more information on what we need, or to submit your text to us. We appreciate all contributions to this site and will reply to every email received. So if you are backpacking around one of the countries listed above and can provide us with any of the listed information, then please fill out the form below:

*As this is a non-profit site, we are unable to pay for any information you provide. However, we will acknowledge you as the writer or contributer to any information we publish on this site.