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Backpacker Hostels

Sydney appartments

Australian backpacker hostels are some of the best in the world, and with so many hostels competing to get your business, you can understand why! Mostly, the hostels are looked after well and regularly maintained to high standards, so you are unlikely to have any bad encounters especially in the main towns cities.

Here you can book your backpacker hostels in Australia and also see reviews and pictures. It is advisable to pre-book your first few days of backpacker hostel accommodation so you are not left stranded within your first few hours of arriving. If you pre-book, a lot of backpacker hostels arrange transport to pick you up from the airport / train / bus station on arrival, so it could save you some money. At certain times of year, particularly around Christmas and New Year and when there are sports or music events scheduled, you should think about booking your hostel bed anything up to six of months before arriving, as hostels get booked up quickly.

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Discounted Hostel Associations

In Australia, there are several associations you can join up to in order to receive discounts on your accommodation whenever you stay at one of their backpacker hostels:

vip card VIP - By purchasing the VIP card in Australia, you can receive money off backpacker hostels, tours, travel and more. You will receive a small book listing all member hostels and discounts, and you will also be eligible for discounts in New Zealand and Fiji. Membership costs A$35 and lasts one year and you can purchase the card from VIP hostels or their website. www.vipbackpackers.com

yha card YHA - By joining the Youth Hostels Association you can also benefit from discounted hostels and more. It costs around A$37 for annual membership which can be purchased from YHA hostels or on their website. www.yha.com.au

nomad card Nomads - NOMADS members receive cheaper rates at NOMADS hostels, plus discounts and cheap phone calls around Australia, New Zealand, and the world. It costs $AUD34 and is available world-wide through any good travel agent, or you can use order online. www.nomadsworld.com

Here is a general list of links which can help you in your search for backpacker hostels in Australia:

While you're backpacking in Australia, you may come across a bed bug or two. You will know if there's an infestation if you keep waking up with new bites, usually formed in a line. It's not something to worry about as the bites fade and the majority of Australian backpacker hostels take measures to prevent infestation and spread. However, you can do your bit by not putting your backpack on the beds and using hostel linen when it's offered.