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Backpacker Shop

Welcome to Ticket to the World's backpacker shop. You will find every item a backpacker could possibly need to go travelling. Everything we sell is supplied by reputable companies specifically chosen by us. We merely show you the best out of all the products out there, so whether you are looking to buy backpacker clothes, sleeping bags, or accessories for your backpacking adventure, you can be sure to find the highest quality here.

If you're not sure why you may need an item listed in this shop, then check out our packing list page which details reasons for each item.

Deuter Quantum 55+10L Travel Backpack


Deuter Quantum Travel Backpack is a narrow fit travel bag with detachable daypack with front pocket

Lifesystems Pocket First Aid Kit


Contains: antiseptic wipes & cream, scissors, safety pins, woven bandage & various dressings.

Ultranet Single Mosquito Net


To save endless hours of itching in the mornings this is an easy to assemble single mosquito net.

Aztec Swallow Sleeping Bag


The Aztec Swallow 250 Sleeping Bag has a 2 season rating and comes with a compression pack so it can be easily put away after use.

Australia Lonely Planet Guidebook


You can't go wrong with this Lonely Planet guidebook. With great accomodation listings and advice on trips in different areas, you'll be totally covered for your journey.

Ipod Shuffle 4GB


With up to 4GB of storage, iPod Shuffle lets you carry all your favourite music for a great price.